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Who We Are

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Chattanooga Dock Builders and H&H Property Management are both subsidiaries of Holly Hill Construction & Real Estate which was founded in 2000 by Drew Lancaster. Holly Hill started out as a construction company but started purchasing rental houses 2005 and then apartment communities in 2011. As stated in the mission statement below, our mission is to serve and empower the teams of both companies so they can bring value to all of our customers, investors, clients & tenants, as well as the world around them.

Chattanooga Dock Builders

Has had the pleasure of working on projects for over 150 satisfied customers and has built over 50 docks on 15 different bodies of water in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. It has been blessed to become one of the area’s top dock builders.

H&H Property Management

Founded in 2016 to manage the real estate investments of Holly Hill Construction & Real Estate, it has managed apartment communities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Virginia.

Mission Statements

Holly Hill Construction & Real Estate

We aim to be a company that is consistently bringing value to the construction and real estate space. We do this by first serving our team and empowering them to serve our clients and the world around them.

Chattanooga Dock Builders

We build beautiful, quality and thoughtful docks and shorelines, that our clients can enjoy for years to come.

H&H Property Management

We strive to enrich the lives of our residents by providing a quality place to live and grow, thus bringing a greater return and value to our clients.

Our Core Values

Work Matters

Working hard brings great joy. A job well done brings a fulfilled life.

Servant Leadership

True leadership is serving those around us, especially those we lead.

Always Learning – Always Improving

To learn is to grow. To grow is to live a fuller life.

People First

Life matters both in and out of the workplace.


To be unclear is to be unkind, both for our teams and our clients.

We Believe In Systems

The best way to grow as a company is through systems.

We Are Team Members Not Employees

Take ownership. Be part of the team. What you do matters.


We seek to always be improving in everything we do. (shoot the sacred cow.)

Details Matter

It’s the small things done right that make the big differences.

Excellence In The Ordinary

We are faithful in the everyday things.

Key Team Members

These are the key team members that you’ll be interacting with during the hiring process.


Owner & Founder


Regional Manager – H&H Property Management


Office Administrator




Director of Operations – Chattanooga Dock Builders

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